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Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a virtual console for DJs. Despite the many tools it offers, it’s easy to use and is the ideal medium between the consumer and the professional DJ product.

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All the best DJ instruments

Virtual DJ for mixing music, but also greatremix program thanks to the integrated sample and effects. With the paid version, you can download many songs that significantly improve your arsenal music.

The virtual DJ has 5 different versions to suit the needs and abilities of all typesusers, from an absolute beginner to a professional DJ.

Offers an independent tree range (depending on the edition you have), tone control, EQ, effects, tone control algorithms, failure selection, power blocks and dozens of other tools.

Intuitive transparent interface

The virtualDJ is a console within your reach. Mixing music without a physical interface can be difficult, but in the market many controllers compatible with the virtual DJ are available.

Note several warnings:

– With the help of the LE Virtual DJ version, you can only use the controllerwhich is installed in the kit

– You can use any controller in the home version, but only 10 minutes per session. After that, you will need to disconnect and connect to the computer again to use it again.

The full Pro version has no restrictions on the controller.

Consoleis suitable for everyone

If you start with DJ, the Virtual DJ is a console that you need to try – it’s a perfect example of quality with simplicity and completeness; You can rarely find free DJ programs with so many features.

A virtual DJ can also count on very activea community that revolves around the official forum.

If you already have experience and look for an alternative, there is a virtual console for DJs with every need. Quality, functions and convenience are designed for professionals (for example, Torq).

If you come from a school tradition and are accustomed tomixing with analogue instruments, the most suitable alternate transit to the digital console can be MixVibes Cross DJ, which works particularly well.

Choose a version that meets your needs. If you already have mixing experience, Virtual DJ Home is the perfect version for you. It’s free,but it’s a very well-equipped and great way to check the program good for you. It’s worth starting with Virtual DJ LE, which is full of controllers and external sound cards for computers and Macs. Restrictions on other editions are a good choice for learning. There are three paid versions (VirtualDJ Broadcaster, Virtual DJ Pro Basic and Pro Full), which differ mainly in hardware support and display control. To understand the differences between the five versions, you can read the full tableAtomix website.

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