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Excel 2013 is a powerful book and database application that is part of Office 2013. It is a classic program that makes numerical operations, graphical presentations and financial forecasts more mobile and friendly. This is a classic version with other spreadsheets, known as electronic onesGoogle Table or Number will have more than one Mac;

The tool is very reliable and durable. Exxcel has always been a very powerful program if you know how to use yogas.
Microsoft specifically designed for user convenience using Excel 2013.Cando input, Excel 2013 analysis, and introducingsuggestions on how best to present. If the information is sufficiently complete, even analyze and present the ability to create a dynamic table (function {} {(“appendix-review-pages of the desktop”);}); There is also a new feature called the flash-fill, which will help to output the data with a distorted onein something understandable. The information will be sorted tcalons suitable for you. It takes so much work to manually organize their datosFlash Son can be a killer feature for those who have decided to use Excel 2013.

the main improvement in Excel 2013 is a way that feels organic.There are small animations that help make the program feel less clinical. Animation does not distract and helps to focus on what Excel does.

Smarter and easier to use interface, the tape remains, but it has been reduced to more suitable for use. Badgesgrouped and different colors; Excel 2013 introduced a new feature where podíastirar photos of the web service associated with your Microsoft account. Setting up Excel 2013 automatically because it pulls information from Excel 2013 still has a looming number of features that make it smarter, which makes it exceleasier to work with data. Microsoft did a great job with Excel 2013 and Excel, which uses the daily razgledetsrekamenduetsza option.


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