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like cooking games «Cooking Class Sarah” You? After you eat a fever. In this adventure, free content and replicas, a fast food restaurant in customer service. (Burgers, pizza, tacos). Content suitable for all audiences and adults can play with everyone.

Selectpurpose function () {( “Review of the application pages Desktop”)}} with a voltage fever diet “saving” of the client you need to ask all kinds of fast food: hamburgers, sodas, letayak officer, you have to follow the steps required to prepare each meal. for example,Processing good hamburger, you have to put the bread in the dish, the meat into the pan, remove it if you do. (It takes too much time, and it will burn and you have to drop it!) And put it on the bread. Mikromenezhment skills and capacity eggs will be the key to success, especially in theeducation and start talking more. Customers, and the customer will leave at the same time and pay berean.Luzeanyama. Soon you will be happy. By the fever does not give up, preparing his normal game for cooking. What is the special of two components: the establishment and management of progressat the end of the cooking cycle or phase of fever, your money may be better tools to improve your kitchen. Da.Erosi your frying and the meat will be updated faster than dogs and can store more food in order to provide assistance in the selection you want to improve, to break down this plaguetype game: The rate of expansion. After a round of the game you will have the opportunity to invest in improving the appearance of your restaurant. This is a strategic component, it seems that your clients with the best quality TV and more time in da.Berriro ad, you feel part of this gameyou feel the heat control harsh, but not in the other side!

A lot of patience, preparation of food, and the fever is not 100% free games, ladies and gentlemen. Topics include additional diraMikrotransakzioabo helping device will improve quickly. Bee feeds without fill, you can pay,but often enough to help you get the money to improve your equipment, you need a lot of duzu.Pazientzia. control diet high temperature, it is stressful, I appreciate. There’s nothing I hate these games than I lose, what they want, not to recognize the customer demand,for example, from the point of view of beauty, diet, good and beautiful, old abstalyavannyaHots performance is not too much pigment. Each element is designed for interactive, so it’s easy to know what you will find in the center of the culinary passion is the most important.

never harshIt does not assume that it is strange that we expect some gaitu.Beste cooking games, and we have to recognize that this kind of stop it, and he wants some kind of revolution. Unlike other similar games, bee dishes you in control of your strategy and advanced to the desiredmodua.SukaldeanMy not talk about strategy games ever, we think, but of course you do not expect to read this tip.


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