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Realism in its (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); “Electronic Arts” encourages FIFA 15 to bring reality as close as possible to reality. For this EA it has added many improvements that affect gameplay.

The new emotional engine allows players to respond more independently to the performance in the field, if they were a great piece or could not score. With more than 600 animations that cover the emotions you have during the active game15 FIFA wants you to believeyou’re hri.It really really too, as a colleague The CPU team responds better to game situations when opponents react tactically to the field.

FIFA 15 includes training tools and the ability to change tactics, and simplified strategies to simplify it. The new feature offers the opportunity to give everyone a tactics on the field. Example: Use a middle field flying during pressure on the objector who wears the ball.

There are two new balance methods during the game:one for wells and the other for a bad strategy (best if you lose). Methods during games can be used and added to the five: senior defense, defense, balanced, abuse and current superior offsetting. The Ultimate Team also offers new fun features. You can create concept squads, credit rebill players and play in friendship and season with your friends with your Ultimate Team at the new matchah.Z Game 1v1 Live Game news and resultsThey mozhetedotrymuytes words komandy.Odnym you, 15 FIFA was the virtual place for real football and playing vidpovidno game.Polipshenyy

There is more detail when dribbling the ball, and now you have better improving Kontrolletrayektoriyi.Z the control of the ball’s balloon of the ball live and realistychnym.But more intense in defense, a strategy is needed to scratch the ball. If you’re beaten, you can try to block the barrel, but the gap can go out quickly with a new AI, so they respondto a more realistic shot at goal. This, along with adding an animation allows you to deliberately view photos even more fun.

Finally, those who like individual players play a little good news, A game will prove your ability to play against the AI ​​and to measure the level of complexity based on your abilities. But the difficulties always change with the settings.

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The new graphics engine adds the necessary upgrade to FIFA visual equipment14. The field is now disappearing as the game continues, while the players’ models show grass and mudspots in the final way, the audience is more relevant and adds that the realistic tier is necessary. There are also new sound effects, such as kickball, and FIFA 15 also includes outdoor trades as well as cameras and balls. The penalties are completely suited and ultimately repeat the quality you get when watching a real game seeing: FIFA 15 ismemorable and perfect, showing the latest improvements in the FIFA series.

The new physics of the ball is one of the best new FIFA 15-Reasons sophisticated in the strategy game. The new engine, which produces graphics and animations, is impressive and adds to the reality of the game.

The stadiums are finally played, looking at the details never seen in a football match. The field is a great solution compared to FIFA 14. Feelings The ability to do what you are notYou really want it at rivnyh.Udoskonalennya The final team offers more depth in this game mode, and you can even get your Ultimate Team on the control of a mobile device to the official EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Companion application for iPhone iPhone Finally, FIFA 15 is the soccer football game we’ve seen so far. The great jump in quality over the previous version is great, in terms of graphics and gameplay. Certainly, this really requires any football fan As one of the agenciesThe most popular EA franchise, FIFA 15 has led the hopeful gameplay. Make it a market top player.

FIFA has 15 new engines, better animation and better skin treatment, additional tactics and strategies for intense games and a better Ultimate Team.


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