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Mandy is the first desert in 1983, where red Miller, a broken and haunted man, follows the unnecessary religion of his life.

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Panos Kosmatos, Aaron Stewart-An | Made in 1983, Red is a carpenter who lived in the area of ​​mbalicabin in the forest. Her artist’s girlfriend, Mandy is spending her time studying the famous celebrity. Then one day, he received the eye of a devout clergyman who presented a demon group while driving a motorcycle to pick him up.Red, armed with an ordinary bowSpiece, leaves everything back, leaving dead bodies of cruelty and cruelty in the body.

After the virus was killed many people, the victims had to wait alone in their bunkers as a threatened virus to escape. It can communicate through a web-based interface, a sequel of victims of years and slowly becoming a colorful family. But the social environment of the volatile, which was damaged directly, began to disappear secretly from its bunkers.

Innorthwest of the spring of 1983 the Redsleader Red Miller and Mandy Bloom lead to the existence of peace and peace. When their pine paradise was ruined by a sadly led by Sandy Jeremiah, the Reds struck a fantasmagoric journey, filled with blood and mixed with death fire.
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