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Smallfoot 2018

Yeti is convinced that heavy creatures called “people” are still there.


Kari Kirkpatrick, Jason Reisig (coauthor) Author:

Kari Kirkpatrick (scenario), Claire Serra (Images from) | The Ieti called Migo is only convinced that a man known “Little Foot” is true and must prove his ethnicitywhich he had with the help of the Masonic and Social Media for small records.

A lively adventure for all ages, with the original song and sound of a star, Little Plague makes the legend of a tiny tibia upside down when the young fire Ieti finds something he thinks he does not have – a man. The news about this Smallfoot throws it simplethe community of Yeti mainly about what might be in a great world outside their homes, in the snow, In the new story of friendship, courage and joy of discovery.

Migo is a friendly Iet with a transformed world when he discovered something he did not know existed. It will soon face protestsof his snow, When other villagers refuse to believe in a wonderful thing.
Hoping to make a mistake, Migo will begin an epic journey to find mysterious beings that can lead him to his great kindness with his simple community.


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