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Sonma Writing experts is a Hindu / English application that aims to improve your writing skills in both languages. With several alphabets, bi-lingual typography could be difficult to write precisely and accurately in both languages, even if they are familiar, and Vorkson Tiping’s expert speaks of the differencebetween standard English keypad and digital keypad; Inequality can slow down Internet and writing, and this program is designed for users to develop their skills. This program is a language Includes exercises to improve abilities. These exercises create great and difficult difficultieswhen writing letters in groups. Users can change the language and types of exercises by clicking the mouse. The program registers accuracy and speed data to help users evaluate their performance and improve their results. These statistics can be printed with the previous username in order to ease job applications. The program also allows users to set the duration of the test throughout their lives (Function {) {(‘Browse application-site’);)). Conclusion: Difficulties in bilingualism that are necessary for adjusting to different types of keyboard are rarely takenconsider. Fortunately, Sonma Tiping Expert has been developed, which solves the problem. Although this program is full, the speed and accuracy of the keyboard are improving in all languages.


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