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The American newcomer to the prestigious German ballet academy came to the conclusion that the school was something bad in the middle of a series of terrible murder.


Dario Argento Writers:

Dario Argento (scenario), Daria Nicolodi (scenario) Stars:

JessicaHarper, Stefania Casini, Flavio Bucci | Suzi Bannion traveled to Germany to improve her ballet skills. He came to the Tanza Dance Academy in rainy days and refused to acceptthen another woman saw her escape from school. He returned the next morning, and this time he allowed him. She learns that she is a girl with her. Logan 2017 DVDRip She saw that she had escaped from the previous night, Pat Hingle, found dead. Soon things will start. Suzy became ill and placed special food; the school is infected with larvae; wonderful sound thick; and Daniel, a pianist who killedof his dog. Some studies show that this balletThe school was once a witch, and, as she found, Susie still exists.


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