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INDIVIDUAL – This is an incredible true story of the Army Army detachment Darren Turner and his wife Heiser. When the war broke the scars in their hearts, they are faced with another fight – the struggle for their marriage. Marriage, family, is under God.


David J. Evans Writers:

DavidJ. Evans, Sheryl McCay | INDIVIDUAL – The incredible true story of Army Army Army Darren Tanner and his wife Heather. Wonder 2018 Lily
When the war broke the scars in their hearts, they are faced with a larger battle: the struggle to preserve their marriage. Marriage, party under God

Updated from the seminaryand basic training, Darren Turner’s court was expelled in Iraq, leaving her husband to take care of her three little children. The serious reality of the war is much easier. A good one goes to Turner and his battalion, fortunately it is difficult to touch his relatives. WhenDarren finally returned home, Turner had to decide if they wanted to fight another fight – the struggle to save their marriage

The individual is based on the unusual true story of the Army Army Darren Turner and his wife Chaiser. In the strong believer in the marriage of Turneris ready to go according to its vocation: the ministry in Bohr, family and nation. Fresh from the seminary and basic training, Chaplain Turner and his family visited Fort Stuart. Despite the fact that Turner is still releasing his new home, Darren opens in Iraq. Heather remains responsiblefor the protection of their three children on an individual basis, as well as for the service of half-grown soldiers. Despite the desire to maintain contact with their loved ones, the brutal acts of war are accelerating the expansion of the battalions every day. At the same time, children were born at home, children will continuegrow, roots and erased every late night postukannyam deeply embossed traces of battle, the soldiers were waiting for a return home is very different from any of their families. wearing a burden Turner must decide if they want another fight: the struggle to save the marriage.


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