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Microsoft OneDrive is a desktop client for Microsoft’s online storage app with the same name. It is a sleek tool that offers you up to 25 GB of free storage “in the cloud”. In other words, Microsoft OneDrive works as a Dropbox. It is like an online online with a hard line that allows you to synchronize files stored on your computer so that you can access them anywhere. To be flexible, Microsoft OneDrive offers support applications for Mac, iOS and Android. To access your files when you are away from your computer, you only have access to your Windows Live OneDrive account, part of Windows Live (function {) ‘(review-app-page-desktop);}) ; Microsoft OneDrive is easy to use. When you install ityour computer makes it a folder called Microsoft OneDrive on your system. Folders share shared parts, so you must provide a copy of all items you want to see here. It contains a number of sample documents so that you can easily use the system, but it is very simple. Once you have placed the documents in a folder, they are accessible from any computer that you have registered with your OneDrive OneDrive that offers generous online storage and excellent integration with Windows Live. Together these factors form a powerful tool. There is no “configured” option to talk about, but if you want to access the computer comes from your Microsoft OneDrive account (another computer), you must have a special code. Once you have the codethe remote control is easy to remember that Microsoft OneDriveyn offers 7 GB of standard storage. If you are already a OneDrive user, you have 25 GB of free rights, which you can access via your Microsoft Live OneDrive account. It is very fast and requires a version 17, Microsoft has opted for a synchronization of options, so you can choose which files you want to synchronize instead of synchronizing everything in your OneDrive folder. This brings SkyDrive to faster competitors such as Dropbox and everything, Microsoft OneDrive is an excellent app. It is clean, easy to use, and offers 25 GB of free online storage.


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