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is a popular app that helps you create and share short videos. From 2014 onwards, this application is among teens, making it very easy and fun to use. It’s Ulirnya Dubsmash way, but have their own standby mechanismas mentioned above, is a social media application that allows users to make videos that can be shared to the Web followed. This application allows Sen users 15 seconds of video with audio support. Users can track friends and celebrities as well as strangers.

As a social application, encourage users to upload videos and share with the community. There are also content and challenges that occur when some themes or songs are introduced and the user will be asked to make a video related to it. This video comes with hashtags so everyone can (Function () {(‘ Reset-Application-site-Desktop ‘);}); Colorful and functional Interface the application of user interface looks good and works. More like Instagram Paint jobs. At the bottom of the person has a menu that will take you to your feed. You can also find directions in the app what. To capture your own video, click the Add button and start recording.

Social sharing functionality in addition in other words, the video can be easily shared with friends and family on other social sites as well, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.


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