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Long before the VhatsApp Web accessed the market, Telegram already offered a desktop version of the messaging application that focused on its security. This may be easier for features compared to people like Skipe, but in the coming years VhatsApp, they have not always posted desktop clients (as wished to show the founders). A desktop telegram is also available for Mac.

Send Telegram from anywhere (function {) {(‘reviev-application-page-desktop’);});

ToTo start using Telegram for desktop you must register for Android, Application for iOS or Windows Phone. When you confirm your data through a mobile application, you are ready to start talking.

This application allows you to easily send messages to mobile contacts, send unlimited audio and video files (in lots if you choose), as well as insert the emotions and labels of world famous leaders, including Gandhi. The desktop Telegram is also well integrated. Other servicesof social networks (such as IouTube, Instagram and Twitter) show the preview of any content you shared in the application and make it Instagram or Twitter in this review. However, voice and video calls are not currently available.

While your phone contacts are automatically synchronized with the desktop version, you can also search for additional people through the username. Notification settings are also available, you can edit for each contactindividual – so you can effectively delete friends if you send too many messages.

One of the advantages of Telegram is the group chat feature. Unlike other messaging applications, Telegram may have more than one administrator. Admins can change the names of photos and groups and add or delete members. This service also allows you to create groups of up to 1,000 people.

Prioritize speed and security

Security has always been the main point of differentiation of Telegramand this is different from the desktop investments. The messages are encrypted in the cloud, but there are no secret conversations options (self-destruct, no storage on business servers and can not be forwarded) to the desktop version. Regarding the security of desktop access, Telegram for Desktop includes dual-factor authentication, so you can configure additional steps to prevent unauthorized recording.
From this program you can also see all the places / devicesin which you enter and stop the individual session.

With VhatsApp bought Facebook, there are doubts about what successes of users Telegram expects to receive land with his promise to never sell user data.

Speed ​​is the main additional value for Telegram. Sending a collection of ten photos takes place immediately, while audio and video are also very quick to upload and upload.

Although the desktop version lacks the characteristics of its mobile brothers(secret chat, messenger and group chat), it’s still a good messaging service. The messages are synchronized perfectly on the device and after seeing a message on the device, it is marked as read. Sniper Fury Torrent Download
On the other hand, this means that you do not have to deal with some notifications.

Do you say VhatsApp?

Telegram is a credible alternative to VhatsApp, especially since others do not have a desktop client. With the privacy and security of the key for today’s users, TelegramIt was created solidly for you in the market. Desktop clients are not marked as other free alternatives, such as Viber, Line and Skippers, but if it’s the speed and security you expect, this is an application for you.


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