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A telegram is a messaging service with an emphasis on speed and security, as well as a good alternative to WhatsApp. The telegram supports group chats of up to 200 contacts, pays particular attention to security and provides generous multimedia support.

High level of privacy and security.
TeamViewer Download Torrent OneTelegram is the main goals of security and privacy compared to WhatsApp. For example, the telegram contains what is called “secret conversations” – Chat encryptedconnection that avtamatychnaznishchae messages related to snapchat and prevents their other capture. There is even an option. identifier that deletes the entire account if you do not log in to the given length (function () {(“Overview of desktop application pages”);)) It was safe, which started to attract users to the telegram and WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, it seems that it will grow. The developers also argue that they do not sell or provide karystalnikatretsiyadata hand, no ads in applications, and until it is completely free.
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Sending the level of functions to good multimedia files up to 100 people and allows you to share all types of files, when uploading and downloading files slowly. You can send a batch of photos, not just one, and you can store almost as many pictures as you like, because the telegram allows an unlimited number of WhatsApp internet messages, Telegram supports vyezdkarotkiya voice messages, althoughUnlike applications like Skype, you can not actually make a voice call.

The perfect safe alternative to WhatsApp

Just like the free alternative for WhatsApp, which offers a telegram more security is a very interesting proposition.


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