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The second series of first-person shooter Infinity Ward Call of Duty 2 takes you on a series of exciting missions from the Second World War from missions from Moscow to the Battle of Stalingrad in the Battle of El-Alamein D-Ja and more. Thanks to the huge collection of real martial arts from the Second World War and the battle this game brings stunning battles with intense, fast fighting gameplay. The bulk of the commission shows the navy infantry, but there are different scenes of tank dancing. Behindthe enemy lines. Callng Duty 2 is a very powerful shooter, so fans of the genre are familiar with many of their assumptions with the help of simple damage and weapon mechanics. A rough realistic environment makes the game particularly attractive and the supporting characters provide an important context and useful information about the battlefield. Despite being a well-known militant of the Second World War is actually one of the specific genres – it has a series of missions with the challengesof deadly desperate battles and angry evil protection against overwhelming factors. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Return to the front If you are a fan of the genre of a first-person shooter that is not the classic fieldThis game war is worth watching. Some images are a bit outdated, but the combat mechanics remain fresh. The game has a multi-player game, even a classic game in which there are not many online communities.
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Afterthree games installed in World War II, Call of Duty4 changes the landscape and career in the 21st century to combat the war on terrorism.

(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Realistic and unpredictable missions. Due to the nature of the war in the 21st century, you are faced with some risky situations in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Prepare yourself for finding enemies using tactics and advanced management strategies. Happydo you and your allies have an arsenal full of the latest tools. At your service are new devices designed to combat the latest technology. In Call of Duty 4 you can use infrared glasses, thermal Detectors or non-elastic vests of the latest generation. Add to weapons such as guns, as powerful as a rocket launcher, and you’re ready for: Call of Fun 4: Modern Warfare offers a more advanced experience than the previous version, not only because of new weapons, butdue to some stealth operations, which must be carried out in the middle of the night; You do not only use heavy weapons, but silencers can also help you save the night. As a result, missions have changed; Many of them at night, because some ask you to help the enemy to watch, what a great offer scenarios from the point of view of the game. In this sense, in different places there are different deserts, the sea and many places around the world in thisplay is an important part. The creators of the games said that in the modern environment they provide complete information about the dive, and a number of scenarios of the battle can be characterized as nothing more than real. Highest control Of course these game controls are not true, and this is not an extension that says that accuracy is great. Consciousness is increasing because it is very easy to destroy enemies wherever they come.

eye-catching war 4: modern warfare;You will find realistic situations of urban wars, consecutive and fire fighting wars, as well as a number of fascinating visual effects, including volcanic smoke from explosions or shotguns, as well as very detailed replicas of some of the latest trucks. The sound effects of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are realistic. The sound of the recording is sufficient to make you tense and explosions can shake the room if you have the right sound equipment. Modern War: the main prizevan Duty 4: Modern Warfare – a game with a mandatory game. Thanks to the simply stunning graphics, sound and, most importantly, the gameplay, Infinity Ward changed its historical period and left the Second World War for a whole new experience.


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