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Team-Expert is a Indian / English speaker program who wants to improve their writing in both languages. For different alphabets, it is difficult for ordinary people from two types to write fast and accurately in both languages, though it is appropriate to chat with the Typing-Expert WorkSonma which discusses the difference between English English QWERTY keyboard and Hindi Hindi keyboard; Balance can reduce network usage and writing, and this plan aims to allow them to use their skills. PlanThis has a practice of improving the well-being. This made progress in difficulty by writing a letter in words of words and then a simple sentence and difficulty. Users can switch between language and training types and mouse clicks, and record data recordings accurately and speed that allow users to measure their performance and improve their score. This data can be published in the username above to help application apps. The app also allows users to set up personal settings to allowsettings (function () {(‘new-page-desktop app’);}}; Conclusion Since the two-language problem is similar to the type of keyboard that is often taken, then Lucky-Expert’s fortune has been developed on this site. This app is simple, it works well in accelerating the keyboard and accuracy in all languages.


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