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Keep your privacy on this network is not easy, since many business security risks and potential stray friends.

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General Brovser a set of tools designed for anyone who wants to improve their safety and security on the Internet. Kanu will help anonymize web browsing and publishing, and other applications to the size of the TCP protocol. For business users, this is to say, to be able to alter the nature seemeth to more general than the one that is of secretonotitiausers, so that the ISPs, it is easy, and the operations of the path of the just Scareware keiloggers.

How it works?

So that we can work through traffic around network distributed servers, the “port router” (hence the logo). General Brovser the interface, you can easily when turned on and off according to need zijns anonymous internet – do not need to restart your computerCum. If you prefer, you can also see from the time when the light bulb to be absolutely free to choose from a variety of proxies shows that he is a rabbit of the wrist.
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In order to verify that itwork can see online gives gebruiken or under surface of the detector or not. Although once the connection is set according to the number of users at the start of the competition, but they quickly used. The harbor entrance of the harbor is shifted to yellow to green negotiumfelix in connection has been established.

global anonymity

For a simple, convenient and efficient tool for security and privacy breach anyone who cares about.


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