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File, be an amazing game in which you have immigration inspectors. His job is to make sure that everyone who crosses the border has documents that are ordered and are consistent with the changed immigration law.

Date of dispatch1 a year ago, I wrote about a year ago, I did not know the same, not very successful, and were fined financially for making mistakes. Like everyone who has immigration control, You must be sure everything is all right. It becomes more complicated,because the game is growing, it is easy to say something that is punishment. You need to be sure that you can support your family and maintain good health, so the mistake can have a negative effect. About them It is difficult to cope with the basic salary, so mistakes can lead to the selection of family members who need survival. The very depressing stuff of RetroPapersDrab has a good interface and good control you can choose because the game is growing. The image has an 8-bit pixel,which fits the Soviet sense of the game. But the documents, please do not play, in which the main attraction are photos or sounds. It is a game that will make you think and give you an idea of ​​the type of person you will have when you have to choose from potential immigrants and take care of your family.

Is this a bad person? The material, please, this is not a funny, traditional game. But it is convincing, well designed and written. Evidence that video games are not silent andthey can be “artistic”, it’s a great thing.

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