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They tried to create the Resist Evil 4 magic, but everything they did was stronger than the steak. Resident Evil 7 is a little bit a third shooter that will cause more angry fans, but at least it’s something new in the franchise.

This is actually the eleventh part of the game, but seven for the current narcissistic weapon.

(function-review-app-page-desktop)},Silent Hill 2 influences the design

Despite the shortcomings in the fantastic business, Resident Evil 7 has returned to an important idea brought into the first game that is a fear of survival. The game will support its roots at some levels by reducing its presentation, increasing doubt, which makes enemiesvery dangerous and makes you less equipped. You’re very vulnerable to this game.

You are not part of a military or police officer and you do not have training. You have a middle Joe, you’re just trying to survive. Kapkom raises the level of competition in the game, although they have promised to do so, but have taken some advice(and terrifying) Silent Hill 2 and this is the right step. The game is a step away from the expectation of Resident Evil, which means less B content, but that’s not a bad thing.

There are existing settings of nature that are good, but a little too / true of the harsh land, which is not good.

Temperature, shyness and fears

Cuttingis surprising. Not because they have a reaction or emotion, but because they are afraid of the atmosphere. They are also filled with mysterious stress, which the evil villagers missed for two sequences. Soundtrack, audio and sound effects are dark, unpleasant, awesome and just right.

The game does not feel like it isunusual mood and full character, like Resident Evil 4 and this is the deepest game of the game Resident Evil. The inside of the game does not fall in the fork, because most fans can have hope. This is not a toy machine; This is a bit disappointing.

However, since Resident Evil 1 is a new HD resident, ResidentEvil 7 can be upgraded to something better. The game is to redeem what the Resident Evil game is missing for a while. You can confuse some of the spiritual environments of the game that makes the game very interesting.


Give him a chance, especially if you hate Resident Evil 5 and 6. This episode feelsas the first, and this can help you fall in love with the franchise. Perhaps the franchise is not dead.

If the franchisees know about the return, it’s Resident Evil. Unless you see the game and love it, you may have to wait for the sale before you buy it. The game has a reasonable amount of playback, butto the end of the Resident Evil, she lost many fears when you finished her.


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