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The Sisters Brothers 2018

In the 1850s, the Oregon killer miners pursued by famous duo of brothers and sisters.


Jacques Audiard Writers:

Jacques Audiard (screenplay), Thomas Bidegeyn (script) | Based on the novel by Patrick DeWitt, brothers, sisters revolves around prospectors named Hermann Warm Kermen, which is carried out on the1,000 miles of Oregon desert in the 1850s in San Francisco, a known murderer, Eli and Charlie Sisters. KecualiEliexperimentou personal crisis and began to doubt davgavechnastsiih chosen career. And Herman could get the best deal.

In 1851, Eli and Charlie Sisters and brothers were murderers, the children grew up toto be human in a hostile world and hostile. The sisters were on their way through the north-west, taking them to the mountains of Oregon, dangerous brothel in the small town of Mayfield, and finally, the land of the gold rush in California adventure -a to verify that the family ties are connected.

Based on the knownPatrick DeWitt’s novel of the same name, and zatymdva brothers, Eli and Charlie’s sister, who had been hired to kill the candidate, who had stolen his head.
Untitled Avengers Movie 2019 History, hybrid genre with elements of comedy, took place in Oregon in 1851.


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