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Mozilla Firefok Kuantum is a free web browser with open sources

which offers more options and customization options. his

Efficiency is excellent and it’s designed to protect you;

All the features you need Firefok includes the latest Firefok Kuantum update severalbuilt-in functions, which can be expanded through a large catalog extension.

() () Reviev-app-page-desktop;)) Provides the ability to customize tab searches – the standard for all browsers has been for a long time. It also has an integrated browser and is easy to customize.

You will have a starting page to joinGoogle Search and a list of shortcuts to access downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, synchronization, and settings. It has all the basic functions and includes spellchecking, embedded PDF reader, geographic navigation, and more.

Harvesting refers to security, blockingpop-up, filter against filters and privacy features, the foundation stone of Mozilla. In addition to the usual private search mode, Firefok allows you to block web sites from tracking, and even tell them which Websites are bypassing the Lightbeam plugin.

Firefok offers a system thatensures that the sites you visit are confidential, and that you confirm that your connection is secure. A security update is automatically performed to make sure that you are always protected against the latest threats.

It also provides some basic functions, such as spell checking, integratedPDF reader, navigation for geolocation, non-wasting reading, pocket integration, and more.

Extremely customized company’s biggest advantage is its ability to adapt to each user, thanks to the many customization options that enable youto organize your browser and customize it to your needs – including the ability to share your favorite sites with Push notifications.

Punotemes are available to prepare your Firefok interface and you can organize tools and the most useful features you want in the menu oron the personal toolbar.

Add-ons are also a great way to customize your browser and improve functionality. Some additional accessories have become important, such as Adblock Plus or Video DovnloadHelper, which have several million users.

In addition, Firefok has Firefok Hi, Hangoutsa chat service and WebRTC-based (so you do not need extracts). With Firefok Hi, you can also send the page you visit to your direct friends.

From version 35, Firefok allows access to the Firefok extension from the toolbar;

One of the best available search enginesThere is one reason why Mozilla Firefok is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. This is completely in terms of features, security and flexibility, and offers everything you need to easily search the Internet;

Firefok Kuantum is the latest version of Mozilla FireFox.Its main function is an increase in a new version that uses 30% less RAM compared to Google Chrome. To be better suited to the latest consumer needs, Quantum Safari now includes accessories such as WebVR and WebAsembli compatible with desktop applications and virtualglasses reality. After testing this update, we can say that Firefok Kuantum is twice as fast when it comes to loading its predecessor

ChangesFirefok Kuantum is the latest version of Mozilla Firefly. Its main function is acceleration because the new version uses 30% less RAM than GoogleChrome. Better in line with its user needs, Firefok Kuantum now includes plug-ins like WebVR and WebAsemblies that are compatible with desktop computers and the eyes of virtual reality. After testing this update, we can say that Firefok Kuantum is twice as fast when it comes toloading pages from your predecessor


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