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Genre: action, science fiction, thriller, fear

Directed by: John Turtletaub

Stars: Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, Jessica McNamy, Robert Taylor, Ryan Wilson

Conspiracy: The underwater submarine returns the fears of Mariana’s hole and unexpectedly releases old ancestorsthe Great Shark at thirteen feet.


Container = MPEG-4 (mp4)

Duration = 01:43

File size = 2 MB

– Video

codecinfo = AVC | AVC1

Resolution = 1280 536

ScreenAR = | : 1

Score rate = 3.142 Kbps

Framerate = CFR color space = YUV

Chromo sampling 4: 2: 0n

Encoder = x264 – core 148

– audio

Informationcodec = AC-3 | AC-3

Channels = 2

Score rate = CBR 224 kb / s

Samplerate = kHz

Language = English


After escaping the attack on the 70-meter shark, Jonas Taylor was captured in a submarine confrontation confrontation.

Directed by: John Turtletaub

Writers: Dean Georgearis (screenplay), John Hobner (screenplay)

Stars:Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson

Types: Action | horror | Sci-Fi | detective story

Country: China USA


SOURCE: 1080p KOR – Thank you!

ViDEO: 1600 Kbps

SOLUTION: 720×304

WORK: 1 49 43 th

TABLES: Korean (hard-coded)

AUDIO: 192 Kbps AC3

In English



NOTES:They appear here and here.
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