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If they ask about the features of your computer, most will be able to designate the processor, and perhaps the RAM memory and the existing hard disk drive. But about others? Speccy now gives you detailed details of the Speccy system to get more detailed statistics about your computer, not just basic RAM processors and memory, hard drives, graphics cards, motherboards, optical drives, operating systems, and much more. View information about this programYou can have a well-designed interface that then saves more quotes (function {} ({review-app-page-desktop}};}); You think the information can only be used for computer geeks, network administrators, and other smart-tech users, but it can be useful for everyone. Speccy will check your RAM configuration before you can buy more modules or make a list of features if you sell your computer, shown by SpeccySome of the basic data are also available.Windows system’s most important areas, but Speccy provides easy access to all faces and offers more beta developments and similar to other tools: the ability to export to different formats, performance tests, installed software listings, and so on.
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But CCleaner, Recuva and Defraggler developer programs are the same, we hope to improve. Speccy system analyzer easyIt provides detailed information about the configuration and technical characteristics of your computer (Desktop, Laptop) in the operating system.

Updated CPU tracking for the latest Intel Core i7.

Better compatibility with the LGA 2011 plate.

Adds external disk information to your device.

Looking for discovery and discovery printers.

Exceptional handling.

Kurdish language added support.

Small Tweaks and Computer Types (Desktop, Laptops)In the operating system section.

The latest Intel CPU trackingCore i7 model.

Improved compatibility with the LGA 2011 motherboard.

Adds external disk information to your device.

Easily share and find printer detection.

Exceptional handling.

Kurdish language added support.

Tweaksmall and Correction


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