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WWE 2K15 finally got a PC for last year’s bonds. The computer version includes content downloaded from the game in a single package and is very important. But did the delay of messages affect this portfolio?

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WWE fans already know the story of this game. You get the Hope franchise and 2K Sportsasa on the board and you will receive long-term adjustments. Complete animation, Behavior sounds and patterns on the rehabilitation listThey are the direction you want.

This has not been received by WWE fans. Instead, 2K games were purchased in visual concepts (NBA headphones) to give face and face beauty, but it was short. The result is intense until you start the game. Do not use the same 2K15 WWE 2K14. Problem fans expected more.

That is, adding new changes to the new level may be able to show the direction of adjustments to the future. This is a reconciliation process (usually seen only at the beginning of the battle)everything), scissors take part in paper scissors. From there, the right stick will be the best interaction with the opponent’s discovery to find and create against acrobatics. If it were a good thing to look like, but as a player, you’re very busy, you’ve lost a lot of money, water and make a return.

From there it’s just as unforgiving. Take it yourself, the strikes and tactics are in play, and still the patient’s time loves and loves franchise lovers. This is usually self-interested, speed andspeed control works in the game.

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However, it does not matter. If you are running, your Super Star will burn if he is fighting for more than one opponent. Sometimes this is just a problem, but if you choose a pin and the return of another competitor, it becomes a game that wreaks anger.

My real complaint about WWE 2K15 comes with the original version of over 2K14 or console.

2K14 WrestlemaniaHe celebrated the 29th anniversary of the Wrestlemania preparations for the 29th anniversary of its preparation. This year, two polemic stories were chosen: Xs fall and Cena and CM punks blows. This works well if you are a fan of these characters, despite the loss of the iconic nature of the past, as a result of a weak experience. Fortunately, when you stay alone, a model model that is guided by the WWE NXT Development League column.

At WWE 2K 15 there is no other way to be a story writer.When I rarely had patience, if they are not creative creatures of other people (at least at least a mod community), they get hands on it).

My latest problem, WWE 2K15, The show’s stories have changed dramatically since the console was made. For this reason, the characters of the game seem to be a different place compared to the current level. César will take 93 scores (one of the highest games), but now he will be lost to the Tyson Kid team in a Tag division. In addition, CM Punk stillIt’s also the same look, fans are watching, this will be the last seen on the WWE playlist.

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The raw skunk of WWE 2K15 was a bad part. Fans would be happy to spend more on last year’s photos and animations and modes. So it’s a similar game last year – look better. This means that next year 2Kna games will continue to make the process. New Performance Management can improve some fun game models.

And maybe it comeswe will release the PC version earlier. Please?


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