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Atmosphere Deluxe 7

a luxurious atmosphere

A luxurious atmosphere designed to help hide the noise, help reduce or even replace a whole collection of natural audio CDs. You can listen to the talents in real time or use the built-in recorder to create your relaxation and surround sound of your own CDs or MP3 files using the easy sounds. Audio cards, nadvychaysilu, and if you have purchased a commercial license, you can sell your recordings to create and use for commercial projects.

Built-in audio card

There are more than 50 downloadable audio tracks with one click of the main interface. But the true beauty of Deluxe Air Conditioning – is the ability to adapt to the built-in sound card directly to your tooth, or create a completely asobnyyagukinovidodayuchyar empty audio space.

As an example, if you download a script oceans edge, you will hear the sounds of the waves, watching on the beach, as well as Shkvarov fire and soft cricket. If you prefer not to hear the firearms, it can be turned off so you can only hear the waves and cricket. In addition, you can add noise as a light breeze that blows through the trees, as well as waves and cricket. Resident Evil 7 You can add as many sounds as you want to create their ideal audio cards. The individual volume of each sound can be customized to suit your taste. You can save as many sonic landscapes as you like, and they will always be ready for a quick response.

Development and dynamic sound pictures

Luxury atmosphere NO prostoprogramaan atmosphere that reproduces audio pictures. In default mode Ni gukavyyakarty changed over time. For example, if you choose a summer dome scenario and leave Canu, you will still listen to an old sound in 30 minutes 03:00. However, you can choose to have the sound tune developed with the way the natural world is. In this case, your summer script meadows can become relaxed


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