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The Princess Bride 1987

Although he is sick at home at home, the boy’s grandfather is reading a story called Princess Bride.


Rob Reiner writers:

William Goldman (book), William Goldman (script) Stars:

Carry Elves, Mende Patinquin, Robin Wright An older man is reading the book “Princess Bride” for his patients and is therefore now adorned with a teenage son reading a book that was passed on to the family. Grandson is sure he will not like this story with romanceas a base, prefers something with many actions and “do not kiss”. But the grandson is powerless to stop a grandfather whose feelings he does not want to hurt. The story is based on Buttercup, a former farm owner who became Princess Bride to Prince Humperdink Florian. Buttercup does not love him, she still mourns the death of her true love, Westlife, five years ago. Westley was a hired man on the farm, his answer “as you like” because every request thatshe did from him, what he knew was his way of saying he loved her. But Westley approached the sea to be horrified by the pirate Roberts. On horseback, in order to clear its thoughts about its future distorted marital situation,


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