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Blood Brother 2018

The newly released convict has a damn vengeance against his childhood friends who let him lead the fall of his crimes.

Genre: Director: John Pogue Stars: Trey Sondz, Jack kesy, China Ann McClain, Chelle Ramos, Hassan Johnson plot: Blood brother takes place this means the streets of the decadence of the city, where the newly released convict will have a damned vengeance against his Childhood friends He believes it can be taken in the fall offense that collectively compromise. As the bodies begin to accumulate, one of the friends, now a policeman, lives nothing to put and take advantage of the murderous fury and the right to many images of his tragically violent past.

Cover MediaInfo Container = Matroska (AVI) Duration = 01:25 File size = 1 gigabyte-Video CODEC info = AVC

V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC resolutions = 720×400 Display AR =

16:9 Bitrate = 1 700 KB/s frequency = CFR color space = YUV Chroma Samples = 4:2:0 Encoder = x264-Core 155 r2893 B00BCAF–Audio Codec info = AC-3

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